Payton's AthElites

Athletic Training

Alongside the various other services we provide at The Payton Group LLC, we’re a team of athletic experts who simply love to help people compete at their professional maximum. While we all have our own limits in life in terms of athletic performance, we’re known for helping people to find that extra half-yard of pace, that extra touch of positional awareness and that ability to really hold off the opposition 

As an offensive co-ordinator in the Arena Football League, you can get all the help that you need to really start making a big impact at the highest level of sports. Having helped many experts in the AFL make the most of their skills and to hone their athletic and tactical capacity, you can work with our team to start really locating the best version of your athletic self.

If you find it hard to really take yourself beyond what your present peak is, let us help you climb over that sporting horizon. With a series of fitness and athletic sessions, you can find a whole new level of bulk, power and verve to your game.

What Kind of Help Can I Get?

Everyone is different, of course. Our primary mantra at The Payton Group LLC, though is to say that you never have reached your peak; that another screed of better performance and more lasting consistency is easy to get access to.

People work with us to help make sure that they can find the next level of athletic capacity for their own body. By helping you both realise your own limits and then work to defeat them, we’ll make sure you can overcome just about anything holding you back from the top.

Everyone has the potential to do a bit more in terms of their training. We’ll help you to do that today, working alongside an AFL offensive co-ordinator and making sure you can get the discipline and understanding of how to use your body to best effect.

From spotting the problems that hold you back to delivering actionable advice on what you should do to make yourself more likely to go to the next level of athletic prowess, we’ll make what is often a daunting process much easier to believe in. For more help and information, contact us today for an open and honest discussion about what the next steps to really bulk up our athletic capacity could be.