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At The Payton Group LLC, a collection of publishing, recording and musical production, we provide a wide range of services – chief among them music. We provide many different forms of musical assistance, with each one aimed at making sure you can get the kind of help that you need to really change how you go about managing your music.

If you are unsure about how we can help you take your musical career to a new level, then take a look below. This is some of the professional music engagements we’re offering at present for rapid and long-term career progression

What kind of musical services can I get?

Song Transcription. We provide professional song transcription, which is one of the most useful ways to make sure that you can see genuine and lasting change to the way that you work. With a song transcribed, you can turn what is a decent idea into a flowing lyrical masterpiece thanks to our help! Many people wind up onstage looking for music sheets for songs, and wind up playing with incorrect chords or the wrong song entirely. I make sure you get accurate, authentic and professional transcription. 

Song Writing. We also offer song writing services. With lyrical flair and a desire to help you really create your own sound and brand, we’ll write songs on the topic you suggest and help you create a happy future for yourself. The end result is that you’ll be much more likely to continue to succeed in the musical realm. Alongside our work, you can take an idea on a piece of paper and transform it into a finished piece of music. I’ll work with you from the ideas phase to creating high-quality content and ensuring that you can take your ideas from page to performance. By arranging the song and lyrics together for perfect harmony, I’ll create outstanding song that takes your idea and turns it into a classic! 

Song Pitching. When you have a good song, you need someone to hear it. This is where we come in, offering you the kind of help that you need to really make a big difference to who hears your songs. Catching that right producer or impressing the right member of a musical team can be the catalyst that you need to take that all-important next step and become a musician! I’ll pitch the content to major networks like Fox, CBS, Lifetime and various other major artists and media groups for maximum exposure. 

Song Recording

Part of the The Payton Group LLC group is our record label, Southern Soul Records. We are a proud group, working to help those who are part of our group find the best song recording experience in a happy harmonious and professional environment. For more help and information in getting professional song recording, you are welcome to contact us.

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